Ready To Haul



Short post tonight, just wanted to share a picture of my new acquisition, a Surly Trailer. I just picked this bad boy up from Rasmussen Bike Shop today and was unfortunately running late for work, so we didn’t get to play, not that hauling cargo in 40° pouring rain was at the top of my fun list…ok, it actually was. 

The trailer has a 300lb capacity, a 63″ x 24″ bed, and a bright future hauling tons of cargo. I can’t wait to put it to the test

It’s Spring Time: Time To Ride, Time To Write

I am back.  I mean, I wasn’t really too regularly here to begin with, but I am back to at least post once in a while.  I would really like to take time to share more of my cycling experiences with you, but it is a challenge to live the 365 Cyclist lifestyle, work three jobs, and still have time to write about what is going on.  Here are a few items of interest which will be expanded upon at another time:

-CIRREM was a fozen, miserable, great time.  I plan on riding the course again as soon as the weather dries up, and maybe this time I will finish the whole thing.

-I have been nominated for Des Moines Bicycle Collective Bike Commuter of the Year Award.  I think the official voting starts today or this weekend.

-The Renegade Gentlemen’s Race was a blast.  65 miles of gravel and pavement north of Ankeny, IA with a team of four other cycling homies, a chicken sandwich, a can of Four Loko, and some really bad service at two restaurants.   It don’t get any better than this.

-The Mullet’s To Mars Ride raised money to combat domestic violence.  A few brave souls ( and I really mean brave, it was below freezing and many of the participants didn’t have the benefit of expensive cold weather gear) rode from Mullet’s to The Royal Mile to Gusto Pizza ending up at Mars Cafe in what was definitely the most fun four miles anyone rode that weekend.  Thank you to all who attended.

Ok, so I need to get off my butt (or my bike) and write some ride recaps, reviews, and rants for your ocular pleasure.  Next Week.